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Frequently asked questions about home renovations in Brisbane


Have a question about renovating your home in Brisbane?


We answer our most frequently asked questions about all things renovations, extensions and additions below.


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How much will my renovation cost?


We understand how important your renovation budget is and how the project costs will drive your decisions. But as all homes are different and all renovation projects are different so It’s difficult to provide you with renovation costs without knowing more about your project.


We would love to book a consultation with you to go through the details of your home renovation so we can run through estimated pricing and talk about the details that can make a difference to your renovation budget.


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When can you start?


When are you ready? JDL Construction are selective with the projects we take on to ensure our clients are getting the absolute best service throughout the renovation journey.


However, with a 20+ strong team of permanent employees working together both onsite and, in the office, we are able to run projects concurrently meaning your wait time is less but you still get the benefit of a customised and dedicated service.


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Will I have to move out while my house is being renovated?


Yes. While moving out of your home may seem like a chore, it provides multiple benefits and allows for a much smoother renovation journey.


Our team are able to get in and transform your home while you are not inconvenienced on a daily basis with constant changes, noise from power tools and machinery and dust and debris that is unavoidable when it comes to renovations.


Moving out while your renovation is taking place is the safest option for your family. And moving back in will be all the more rewarding once your house transformation is complete.

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How long will the renovation take?


[Answer] Simply put… Your renovation will be completed as quickly as possible without compromising on quality or service.


All good things take time and each renovation time frame is different for each home. Once we get more details about your particular project, we can give you more of an idea of how long your renovation will take and what steps need to take place to complete your work. 

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How do I know the pricing is accurate?

We are committed to providing you with accurate pricing from the very beginning. Because we believe the builder / client relationship goes hand in hand with accurate project pricing.

You will know our pricing is accurate simply by the details we include in your renovation quote.

All work is broken down into stages and clearly outlined what is included and not included

- All elements of the project are fully itemised
- Subcontractors and consultants are involved from the very beginning meaning external pricing is based on actual work required and not estimates.
- Your renovation quote is taken through a rigorous internal review process to ensure nothing is overlooked, nothing has been misquoted and nothing has been excluded.

Find out more about our renovation quoting process here.

Quoting Process

I already have plans? Can I use those or do I need to start from scratch?

Absolutely! If you have renovation plans ready to go, we work with them to price your project and guide you through the completion of your renovation.

Find out more about our plans ready renovation process here. 

Plans Ready Process

What makes us different from other builders?

JDL Construction are dedicated and professional renovation builders in Brisbane. We specialise in all aspects of renovations and extension, particularly Queenslander and character home renovations.

What sets us apart from other builders?

- We listen
- We price accurately
- We are focused on building strong client relationships
- We are process oriented above and beyond a standard builder
- We are highly skilled and experienced in home renovations
- Our attention to detail and quality workmanship is second to none

See our latest project to see the homes we have already transformed for Brisbane homeowners just like you. 

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How does your company manage industry volatility, material shortages and material price rises?

JDL Construction is committed to keeping pricing accurate and projects on schedule. This means we are monitoring any industry volatility closely and keeping all our clients informed and up to date with current market conditions and significant industry changes.

Due to strong supplier relationships, we have built over time, we are able to work closely with product and material suppliers to ensure everything required for your project is on hand. We are also kept in the loop with industry news and are able to closely monitor and adjust as needed to keep our projects running smoothly.

Our head office is equipped with a warehouse and dedicated storage facilities where we are able to gather and store supplies for your project. This means you are not at the mercy of the market and fluctuating prices and products and material are on hand and ready to go as needed to avoid project delays.

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