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Brisbane Building Designer - Our design and construct process

Work closely alongside our dedicated building designer to redesign, renovate, extend, raise and transform your home. Our design and construct process has been refined to make it as streamlined as possible for you and your project.

We take just as much pride in our renovation process as we do in the quality of the work and the results we deliver. Because renovating your home is not only a destination… It’s a journey. A journey we want you to enjoy.

If you are at the very beginning of your renovation journey, our in-house building designer can work with you to design and develop plans for your home via the following process.

Design and Construct Process with In-House Building Designer

1. Building Designer Brief and Property Research 

During the design brief and research stage, we will come together as construction professionals and homeowners to begin to formulate a strategy to transform your home. This stage will help us understand your project requirements, design preferences, budget and timeline. We will also undertake research and inspections of your property to determine the constraints and opportunities we are working with.

 At this stage, we will: 

  • Inspect and measure your house
  • Talk about specific requirements and building design details to establish a brief
  • Conduct searches and surveys of your property
  • Discuss your budget and provide professional advice on your design intent to ensure we’re all on the same page.

 The collaboration stage is the start of an exciting journey together to transform your house into the home of your dreams.  

2. Concept Design Stage Sketch

Following the collaboration process, our in-house building designer will develop concept designs in line with your brief. These concept designs, including 3D modelling, will be presented to you for review and feedback and the designs will be refined until you are happy with the concept.

 The concept design stage allows us to work together to achieve a balance between the design vision and the constraints of the property. It is also the first step in formulating an estimate and a scope of works for your renovation project.

3. Feasibility and Cost Estimates

Preliminary cost estimates are an important step in your renovation journey. This is the stage where we review your concept plans and compile some high-level costings around the work required.

The JDL costing team consisting of the Principal Builder, Building Designer and Quantity Surveyor, will work together to complete a comprehensive cost estimate for your project. And while it’s not a fixed price quote, the cost estimate, along with your concept plans, will give you a good indication of the work that will go into your renovation along with the costs.

 Once we get the balance between costs and design just right, we can move forward with formal documentation.

4. Applications and Approvals

The application and approvals stage is where the rubber starts hitting the road. Your plans are transformed again into full construction drawings that can be formally quoted from and used for council approval.

Once your plans and scope of works are finalised, we send them off to engineers, town planners, consultants and certifiers and work to gather all the details we need for formal costings and prepare your building application for council submission.

It is at this stage we conduct site inspections with all consultants onsite to talk through the intricate details of the project and finalise all the design and construction documentation, as well as prepare a formal quote ready for a fixed price contract.

See our Quoting Process here

5. Contract Stage 

Once you’ve reviewed the formal quote and documentation, and you are satisfied all the details are covered, we move into the contract stage. This is where a full contract is drawn up and signed by all parties. As a member of the HIA, we use HIA Qld Alternation, Addition and Renovation Contracts (QC3) for all our projects.

It is during this stage we will also submit all pre-prepared documents to the council for building approvals and to get the ball rolling on financing your project. 

6. Interior Design Stage 

The interior design stage is where we shift our focus to finishes, fixtures and materials that will be used throughout your renovation. You will collaborate closely with our in-house interior designer and product suppliers who will provide guidance, expert advice and recommendations to ensure your selections are in line with your vision and your budget.

If you are undergoing a heritage listed or Queenslander renovation, we will be working closely with specialist suppliers to match as much of your existing finishes as possible if they are going to be retained.

7. Construction Stage

And now we’ve reached the exciting stage. The construction stage. Don’t get us wrong. All the stages are exciting to us. But this is the stage where the action happens. We see the results of all the work we’ve put in up to this stage.

The construction stage starts with demolition and ends with us handing back the keys to your newly transformed home. Throughout the process, you can be guaranteed ongoing communication, regular site visits, and full transparency at all stages of your house transformation.

8. Handover

Before you know it, we’ll have reached the handover stage and the time to hand back your home in its new and improved condition.

During the handover stage, we will walk through your home and go over all the details. This includes going through how to work new appliances, how to maintain particular materials and any details you need to know about the finishes in your home.

10. Warranty period and ongoing support

The support doesn’t stop at the handover stage. We are here to provide ongoing support through the warranty period as well.

During the handover of your home, we will run through all the warranty information. You’ll receive a warranty on our workmanship along with a warranty on structural components, materials, finishes and appliances.

Our warranty period also comes with check-ins from us to make sure you are settling into your new home and everything is running as efficiently as it should be.

At the 6-month, 12-month, 2-year and 3-year mark, we will touch base and ask you how everything is on the home front. This gives you a chance to talk through any issues or discuss any minor alterations you would like to make. Of course, we are only a phone call away in between if you have any queries at all.

Have questions about our design and construct renovation process? Want to go over any details? Would you like more details about working with our building designer or construction team? Or would simply like to book a call to get the ball rolling on your project? Give our office a call and let’s chat.

Give our team a call and let’s chat.