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JDL Construction renovation quotes - our process

We make our renovation quotes incredibly detailed so your renovation project will run like clockwork.

A renovation quoting process like no other

At JDL Construction, we believe that relationships and pricing go hand in hand. By getting your project pricing and renovation quote accurate from the beginning, we can build a strong working relationship together.

- Because accurate pricing equals trust

- Accurate pricing equals assurance

- Accurate pricing equals peace of mind

And to achieve accurate pricing, we go deep into the details. We ask lots of questions and make sure everything is covered.

Renovation Quotes - Our quoting process

Step 1

We complete a site inspection of your home and run through with you what you want to achieve with your home renovation. During this step, we will ask lots of questions about the project, and make lots of notes.

Step 2

A concept design of your renovation is then completed by our in-house building designer.

Step 3

Based on the concept design, we will compile a cost estimate for the project. This includes drawing from our extensive database of trades and supplier pricing and working closely with our engineer for preliminary feedback on the design and to gather information on the structural work required. 

Our estimators will work through your plans and compile a detailed cost estimate based on current market rates and information compiled to date. 

Our intention is to get the cost estimate at this stage as close to the contract price as we can. While there will still be variables, including final engineering costs and final selection of materials and finishes for example, there won’t be any major pricing changes that will catch you off guard when it comes to the final contract price. 

Step 4

Alongside the cost schedule, we compile a detailed scope of work specific to your project. This outlines clearly what is included, what is not included and items that could be included, excluded, substituted or altered if required to ensure you are optimising your renovation build. 

Our process for completing your renovation quotes allows you to design your dream home alongside your budget. You will get as much information as you can, as early as you can, Eliminating the risk of having full plans drawn up by an Architect for a house you can potentially not afford.

Before moving on to round two of the renovation quotes process, we will arrange a meeting with you in our office to talk you through the details. You’ll see your renovation plans in full on screen and we will run through the scope of work for your home renovation. This is a good opportunity to ask questions and get a clear understanding of what your project entails.

Round 2 Cost Revision

Round two of your renovation quotes allows us to refine the details so we’re all on the same page and your home renovation is set up for success. 

Once you’ve indicated you are satisfied with the cost estimate and concept design of your home, we head into the final costings and construction plans stage.

Step 5

A full set of construction plans are created from your concept plans by our in-house building designer. This includes floor plans, elevations, sections, schedules and so on.

Step 6

Once all plans are complete, they are then sent to the Engineer to create the structural drawings.

Step 7

Your plans are also sent to all major trades and suppliers who will then join us onsite to view your property and provide accurate quotes for the work. All pricing from trades and suppliers is compiled and double-checked. We make sure nothing is missing from the quotes and that all trades are accurately quoting the correct scope of work.

Step 8

When all final quotes have been received, our in-house estimating and design team will prepare a formal price estimate and a list of observations and inclusions for your project. 

This list will include any information that is not clearly outlined on the plans, or details covering anything that was picked up during the site inspections that needs to be addressed. A list of options to reduce costs is also compiled so you can make more informed decisions.

Step 9

Another meeting is arranged with you to go through the renovation quote and scope of work. This is where we go through the final details and you again have the opportunity to ask questions, clarify any information and tweak the details. 

Step 10

If any changes are required to the scope of work or quote, they are made and revised information is sent through again. Once approved we move through to the contract stage, followed closely by the construction stage that will transform your house into the home of your dreams.

Want to know more about renovation quotes or our quoting process. Give us a call and we can answer any questions you have.

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