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JDL Construction renovation plans redesign - our process

Renovation plans not quite right? And your project has stalled because of them? Hope is not lost. Our redesign process can give your project the much-needed boost it needs to get you back on track.

Small tweaks to your renovation design can optimise the results. 

At JDL Construction, we are committed to seeing all renovation projects come to life and realise their full potential. Because you deserve it and so does your home.

Hundreds of renovation projects are shelved every year before they have even started, simply because the plans are not quite right, the renovation design is beyond the budget or the homeowner has lost inspiration for the project.

Don’t let this be you or your project.

If you have renovation plans completed, but your project has stalled, The JDL team can help. Our in-house building designer can review your plans, give you advice and redesign options that can help revive your project and see your home renovation through to completion.

Don’t let a bad design stop you from owning a beautiful home.

Case Study #1 - A redesign of your renovation plans can save you money

John, Kate and their three beautiful children were growing and evolving. Unfortunately, their home was not, so after weighing up the options of moving or renovating, they decided they loved where they lived renovating was what they wanted to do. So off to the architect they went and had plans drawn up for a home that would accommodate their family into the future.

Everything was running smoothly… Until the plans came back.

While the architect drew up great plans and John and Kate loved the layout, unfortunately when it came time to cost up the project, it came in way over John and Kate’s budget. Both were deflated and the project was shelved.

Kate shared this experience with a close friend who suggested Kate speak to another builder to get advice. Kate considered this and decided to speak to a builder who offered a design and construct service. Not only could she get another quote for the renovation, but also advice on the plans that would hopefully allow them to revive their renovation dreams.

The JDL in-house designer and project manager sat down with John and Kate and went through the plans, project brief and budget. After taking in all the factors, we were able to redesign the renovation plans and make adjustments and tweaks where possible to make the plans work in line with the design brief and the budget.

The changes made, meant that the design was much more cost-effective to construct and it achieved a better outcome for John and Kate both in the functionality of the home and the equity outcome if they ever decide to sell.

John and Kate proceeded with the redesign and are now happily enjoying their newly renovated home.

Case Study #2 - A redesign of your renovation plans can make you money.

Tim and Anita lived in an original two-bedroom, one-bathroom home. As quaint as it was, it was getting a little squeezy. They wanted more room for family, guests and entertaining. So off they went to have plans drawn up to expand and convert their home.

After speaking with a dedicated building design company, they received plans to convert their humble two-bedder into a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with extra living space. When the plans were quoted for construction, the price came back at $620,000*.

This was good… It gave them more room and it came in under budget. But was this the best outcome?

Our in-house building designer felt there were better options, and after revising the plans, the JDL construction team went back to Tim and Anita. The proposed changes would see their home transformed into a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home with the same amount of extra living space but including a dedicated master suite, separate laundry and additional butler’s pantry.

The proposed construction price for the redesigned renovation plans was $633,000*. Only $13,000 more than the first design.

Would you pay $13,000 extra for approximately $200,000* extra equity in your home? Tim and Anita thought it was a no-brainer and are now the proud owners of a four-bedroom, two-bathroom entertainers delight.

Need a redesign of your renovation plans? Speak to a builder who is also a designer.

If you have renovation plans, but they are not quite right, not aligning with your budget or you simply want a second opinion, JDL Construction has options for you.

The redesign process is completed in much the same way as our Design and Construct Process , however, we appreciate that you’ve already spent money on having your plans designed and created. With this in mind, we would work with you and your existing plans at a substantially reduced fee.

Why? Because we care about the outcome of your renovation as much as you do.

If you are not satisfied with the redesign, the extra costs to you are minimal and you walk away with extra options to consider. If you are happy with what we have presented, and choose to proceed, we incorporate the design fees into our package.

This reduces the additional outlay for you and more importantly, moves you closer to achieving the renovated home of your dreams.

Want to know more? Get in touch and let’s talk.

Find out more about the design and construct process here Design & Construct Process , the plans ready process here Plans Ready Process. Or give us a call and we can give you advice on the best options for you.

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