4. Working drawings

The working drawing stage is where the rubber starts hitting the road. Your plans are transformed again into full working drawings that can be formally quoted from and used for engineering and council approval.

Once your plans are finalised at this stage we engage our engineers for the second time, engage the certifier and begin to gather all the details we need ready for council submission.

It is at this stage we conduct site inspection with all consultants on site to talk through the intricate details of the project.

5. Design consultation

The design consultation stage is where you get to consult with designers and product suppliers. You are able to go through the details of the most important rooms in your home - the kitchen and bathrooms - and you can select all the materials, finishes and colours for your newly transformed home.

If you are undergoing a heritage listed or Queenslander renovation, we will be working closely with specialist suppliers to match as much of your existing finishes as possible if they are going to be retained.