6. Detailed cost proposal

Now we have all the details we need - plans, engineering, certifier reports, material selections and consultant information - we can compile a full and detailed cost proposal for your project.

Our cost proposals are very detailed and extensive. We put a lot of time and energy into the details in the early stages to ensure a smooth project going forward. We provide full transparency with our cost proposals to make sure we have all the details right so our pricing is as accurate as possible and you can rest assured knowing your project is going to come in on time and budget.

For more information on our quoting process, head over to our quoting page to read through the details.

See our Quoting Process here

7. Contract stage

Once you’ve reviewed the cost proposal and you are satisfied all the details are covered, we move into the contract stage. This is where a full contract is drawn up and signed by all parties. As a member of the HIA we use HIA Qld Alternation, Addition and Renovation Contracts (QC3) for all our projects.

It is during this stage we also submit all documents to council for building approvals and get the ball rolling on financing your project.