Connected Extension Case Study

Pro’s –



Connected Extensions are set with a fixed price that is generated after the site evaluation and the design works have been completed. The site evaluation & Design cost is $3500.00 this includes all the design plans, a site visit from all main trades (Electrician, Plumber, Builder) and an extremely accurate fixed price quote that includes everything from the start to finish of you project. With the extensions being a fixed price there are no surprise costs/variations that will blow out your budget.

Time & Process:

One of the major advantages for these extensions is the timeframe. Once the design and specifications have been selected and signed off on it takes 3 weeks in our controlled warehouse to complete the build and a further 2 weeks to complete the onsite works. You won’t need to leave the comfort of your home as there is only minor works needed to be done to the existing dwelling (removing part of a wall to connect the hallway).

When the Connected Extension is nearing completion, our team will come to site and begin the onsite works – Excavating the pier holes and concreting in the steel piers. Once this has been completed, we transfer the Connected Extension to the property via truck and then craned into position and securely bolted down. From here we create the connection between the existing home and the new extension.


The designs that we have can be modified to your lifestyle or requirements, we have other designs in the pipeline including a 2 story option combing the “Bradman” as the upper level which is our living area, deck & pool with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs. The downstairs can be modified to a master retreat or you can swap the levels around! Anything is possible!

Cons - 



The only con is that not all sites are accessible for the extension to be craned into place (Power lines and Large Trees). In the case that it isn’t possible to be craned in, it will still come in as fully finished panels with cladding and windows pre installed. This will push out the onsite construction time but not by much.



What are they?


Connected extensions are a dwelling that is constructed in a controlled warehouse by qualified professional builders and trades. It is transported to site, bolted onto steel posts and then connected to the existing home creating the extension.



How we came up with the idea?


We are constantly looking at better ways to do things in this industry making it more streamlined and cost effective. We recently completed a project similar to a connected extension, we constructed it onsite in the traditional way from ground up. This project took us 10 weeks onsite construction time and cost quite a bit more (Designs plans would have added an extra 10-15k). We did have a couple of delays on site with council lines and the access was very tight. We saw a niche area in the market that we could exploit, so we got in contact with Bretts Timber and Hardware who were already building their own granny flats and the rest has flowed on from there.

How are they manufactured?


Connected extensions are architecturally designed and manufactured by a highly qualified team of builders and trades in a controlled warehouse supplied by Bretts timber and hardware.  Once it has been completed and signed off on by the certifiers and engineers it is transported to site and bolted on to the steel posts which we install prior to the extension arriving. Once it is fully secured on to the posts, we build the breezeway connecting the original house to the extension.



Costs Involved?


We provide a fixed price for these extensions that includes design, delivery to site, the structure fully completed and fit out including all electrical and plumbing works, forms and completion certificates. There are some exclusions we will go through these during the site evaluation. The price on our brochures is for the high level of finish and is the most you will pay, there are options to reduce the cost further if you would like. Initially there is a cost of $3500.00 this includes site evaluation with all main trades (Plumber, Electrician and Builder). This also includes the design works completed by our designer/architect. After this initial consultation we will be able to provide you with a fixed price to complete all the works so there won’t be any hidden costs that will blow out your budget.

Are they customisable?


During the site evaluation you will have a meeting with the designer and builder to work through what you want and the best way to achieve this. Our designs are there for you to choose from but we are more than happy for you to modify them. We also have an exciting two storey option that is also available and in the process of getting designed. The extensions are demountable meaning if you fall in love with the extension which is hard not to you can take it with you if you plan on leaving! Or if you want to retain the land for future property development that is always another option.



Disability & elderly friendly?


The designs we have are all designed for large doors and openings to make them wheelchair assessable. The floors are all level with no step ups or step downs into the ensuite making an easy transition if you do have a wheelchair. The ensuite and bedroom can also be fit out with grab rails if required.